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The Council consists of 17 Councillors, each of whom is elected for a four-year term in office.

The Town Council is the tier of local government closest to the people, providing a wide range of services and amenities including a community centre, sports changing facility, green spaces and cemeteries.

The Council conducts the majority of its business through monthly evening meetings of Full Council and two Standing Committees. These meetings are open to the general public except where personal or confidential matters are being considered.

The Council has continually strived and will continue to strive to improve the town for both residents and visitors alike.

Town Clerk/Financial Officer
Vanessa Lewis Camacho


Our Office

Old Wool Market
Quay Street
SA61 1BG

Phone: 01437 763771

Opening Hours

Mon – Fri
9:30am – 1pm

The precept paid by the people of Haverfordwest pays for a variety of services and amenities provided by the Town Council. These include a community centre, sports changing facility, green spaces, town centre floral arrangements, festive lighting displays and cemeteries.

The Picton Centre

This spacious community centre is currently being used by the Pembs County Council Youth Enterprise – Edge.

Sports Pavillion

Situated on the edge of the Racecourse. Cricketers and footballers of all ages, both male and female, use these facilities extensively.

Priory Saltings

10 acres of leased land that is maintained as a wildflower meadow and is part of the Cleddau Reaches Walkway.

St. Martin’s and Prendergast Burial Grounds

These are maintained to a high standard by the Council.

The Bridge Meadow

The Council are sole trustees of the Bridge Meadow Trust Haverfordwest which is 13.2 acres of land near the centre of town which houses a children’s play park and one of the best football complexes in Wales. The footpaths are part of the Cleddau Reaches Walkway, with a footbridge forming a circular link back to the town centre with the Old Mill Ground footpath.

Haverfordwest Racecourse

87 acres of common land, which accommodates five football pitches, three cricket grounds and many acres of open space to be enjoyed by visitors and wildlife. The area is owned by the Town Council and managed by the Portfield Recreation Committee, who maintain the Lower Racecourse. The Upper Racecourse is leased to the Haverfordwest Racecourse (Public Park) Trust.

Festive Lighting Displays

We provide and maintain the festive lighting displays in the town centre, along with the Christmas Tree in front of St Mary’s Church on the High Street.

Floral Arrangements

We fund the provision of the floral arrangements in the town centre all-year round.

Promotion of the town as a place to be enjoyed by the inhabitants and visitors alike – Haverfordwest is the County Town. The holiday industry accounts for a large portion of the county’s prosperity and as such, the Council is sensitive to the need to project an image to visitors that will encourage them to enjoy themselves and want to return.