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The council consists of 17 Councillors, each of whom is elected for a four year maximum term of office.

Due to current restrictions council meetings are held virtually once a month, on the third Wednesday at 6.00pm. There are no meetings in August. These meetings are open to the general public except where personal or confidential matters are being discussed.

The Council has continually strived and will continue to strive to improve the town for both residents and visitors alike.

Town Clerk/Financial Officer
Juliet Raymond


Our Office

Old Wool Market
Quay Street
SA61 1BG

Phone: 01437 763771

Opening Hours

Mon – Fri
9:30am – 1pm

The precept paid by the people of Haverfordwest pays for a variety of services provided by the Town Council. These include:

Maintaining land and property which is in the sole ownership of the community of Haverfordwest.

The townspeople can be proud that they contribute to the fact that the following land remains in Haverfordwest’s ownership and are not lost as recreational facilities to the residents. With the help of others, these are maintained and administered to a high standard:

• The Racecourse – 87 acres of common land, which accommodates five football, pitches, three cricket grounds and many acres of open space to be enjoyed by people and wildlife.
• The Bridge Meadow – 13.2 acres of land near the centre of town which houses a children’s play park (costing in excess of £200,000) and one of the best football complexes in Wales.
• The Picton Centre – A spacious community centre that offers facilities to people of all ages and persuasions at prices that are not prohibitive. (see below for further info)
• Sports Pavilion – Situated on the edge of the Racecourse. Cricketers and footballers of all ages, both male and female, use these facilities extensively.
• St. Martin’s and Prendergast Burial Grounds – These are maintained to a high standard by the Council.

Promotion of the town as a place to be enjoyed by the inhabitants and visitors alike.

Haverfordwest is the County Town. The holiday industry accounts for a large portion of the county’s prosperity and as such, the Council is sensitive to the need to project an image to visitors that will encourage them to enjoy themselves and want to return.

Decorating the main streets in the summer.

Providing Christmas illuminations to lift the spirit of the local townspeople and visitors. This is done at an annual cost in excess of £15,000.

Playing a major role in the development of a successful Town Museum. To this end in excess of £60,000 has been granted and the Town Council continues to meet the annual running costs of the Castle House.


Managed by Haverfordwest Town Council it is a well used facility not only by local organisations and groups but also by people organising events and classes from all over West Wales. It is situated in the centre of town and has adequate private parking facilities.

The Centre is a modern purpose-built centre with a large hall, which can be sub-divided, a fully equipped kitchen and a large stage area. There is also a large foyer and cloakroom area. The centre has disabled parking, access and toilet facilities.

The centre has a public entertainment licence and seating for 100 with adequate public liability insurance.

The centre is available seven days a week for meetings & functions.

Contact Haverfordwest Town Council on 01437 763771