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In 2019, Haverfordwest celebrates the thirtieth anniversary of its twinning with the German town of Oberkirch.

From humble beginnings, prompted by the local Glancleddau Folk Dancing Group, the relationship between the two towns has flourished.

Nearly every year visits are arranged, reflecting the rare and encouraging fact of a twinning relationship that has lasted for such a length of time

The towns are very different in nature. Oberkirch is a town in Western Baden-Württemberg, Germany about 12 km North-East of Offenburg and belongs to the Ortenaukreis district. It is landlocked and so our German friends enjoy the experience of visiting a town that is steeped in history and situated near the sea. Little Haven is one of their favourite places.

While in return , Haverfordwest residents enjoy the Black Forest and the open nature of Oberkirch on their visits.  Oberkirch is close to the French border while only being half an hour from Strasburg.