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Beating of the Bounds – Safety on the Waterways

This event has ended

With the forecast looking good for the next few weeks, it is inevitable that leisure users will venture out onto the waterway and that more will attend organised events such as the Beating of the Bounds ceremony just outside Haverfordwest on Friday 15th July.

It is very important that leisure users understand the trip to Haverfordwest is a long and winding channel, and that it is important to have local knowledge as well as the understanding that it takes at least 1 ½ hours from Lawrenny to Haverfordwest. This journey is in a Dead Slow Minimum Wake area where you are likely to encounter shallow water, sand and mud banks, kayakers, paddleboarders and swimmers, therefore vessel owners should navigate safely, keeping a good watch out ahead and astern.

Mariners are further advised that Port of Milford Haven Byelaws apply, notably Byelaw 20 (vessels to be navigated with care) byelaw 29 (water skiing and aquaplaning) and byelaw 30 (navigating while drunk). Byelaws are legally enforceable, and the ultimate sanction is prosecution through the courts where fines may be imposed on offenders. (The current maximum fine under level 4 is = £2,500.)

The Port of Milford Haven takes great pride in the safety of the Waterway and will use all means available to ensure safe use for all users, power, sail or paddle.