A shared vision for our economy

Working together, the Welsh Government and regional partners of Mid Wales and South West Wales are inviting people to join them in establishing a shared vision for our future economies, and the development of the Regional Economic Frameworks which will help this vision to be realised: directing not just what we do, but how we do it, together.

The economies of Mid Wales and South West Wales are intrinsically connected with each and every aspect of life in the region. As we look to the future therefore, and consider both the long-term economic development of the region, as well as its short-term post-Covid-19 reset and recovery, it is essential that all have their say, and that all voices are heard.

The creation of Regional Economic Frameworks for Mid Wales and South West Wales are key to this. These are formal structures around which the economy of the region can grow and develop. They will set out not just what we must do, but how we must do it. They will focus not only on the decisions we must make, but the ways in which we must go about making them. And they will set out the roles and responsibilities we all have to take if our future vision is to be realised.

This will only be possible if we work together. Our Regional Economic Frameworks must be co-created, and ultimately co-owned, by those whose lives they will impact upon: each and every one of us. Over the coming months, there will be a number of ways in which you can get involved in establishing a shared vision for the distinct economies of Mid Wales and South West Wales, and creating the Regional Economic Frameworks which will support this vision in coming to fruition:

  • Through having your say here: sharing your perspectives of the challenges, opportunities, priorities and ways of working that matter to you.
  • By participating in regional events: taking place online on dates throughout the autumn and exploring issues relevant to all localities and audiences across the region.
  • By using activity packs: to discuss these themes with your students, employees or colleagues, before sharing your feedback.
  • By email: at midandsouthwest@REF.cymru

This work is being undertaken by the Welsh Government and the regional partners in partnership with the Co-production Network for Wales and Cazbah.

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