HAVERFORDWEST Town Council is pleased to be the latest organisation to throw its voice behind the Western Telegraph’s Health and Care awards.

The Town Council has given its support to the awards’ Nurse of the Year award, to show its appreciation for the hard work of some of the local health service’s most resilient and essential members of staff.  For the town council’s civic leaders, supporting local health and care workers is part of their collective view that services in Pembrokeshire should be maintained.

The Mayor, Cllr Mrs Sue Murray, praises the work of Pembrokeshire’s nurses, and of healthcare staff in general., saying “Withybush General Hospital is a vital hospital for the residents of Pembrokeshire. The peninsula geography of Pembrokeshire, it’s distance from a large city and having a major industry of tourism demands medical services closer than what is proposed.”

The Town Council has thrown its support behind the recent public campaign to stop urgent care and other services being removed from Withybush General Hospital. By showing its support for the Nurse of the Year, the town council is doing its part to highlight the excellent standard of care in the county, and the need to for it to remain as is.

To nominate a friend, family member or colleague for Nurse of the Year or any of the other award categories,visit the webpage.


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