Around 40 people gathered in Haverfordwest on Wednesday, June 21 to pay tribute to the emergency services.

Victims of the Grenfell Tower fire, the Finsbury Park mosque attack, and a forest fire in Pedrógão Grande were also in the thoughts of those who came out to pay their respects.

The service, led by Haverfordwest Town Council, took place at the county war memorial, with members of the Fire Service’s colour party standing proudly in front of the assembled crowd.

Cllr Sue Murray said the town stood united with “all peoples, all faiths, creeds and colours” following a week of awful news in Britain and abroad.

“An attack on one faith is an attack on all,” she said, referring to an incident in Finsbury Park, London, in which a man was killed.

Eleven people were injured when a van ploughed into worshippers as they left their local mosque.

She also paid tribute to the emergency services, and the families of those who have been struck by these events.

“We remember those who have lost their lives so suddenly,” she said.

“We hold in our hearts the families forever changed by grief and loss.

“Bring them consolation and comfort. Let them be surrounded with our prayers for strength.”

She added: “In the words of murdered MP Jo Cox, we have more in common than that which divides us.

“We have seen communities coming together to offer help and support wherever and whenever needed.

“Strangers hugging, helping, and opening their doors to their hearts and homes.”

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