Work to repair a 40 metre stretch of the three-metre high retaining wall that runs along the boundary of Lower Prendergast cemetery is fast approaching completion.


The specialist conservation and repair of the masonry has been undertaken by Jones’ Construction and  includes  the removal of tree roots , vegetation and defective loose mortar as well as cleaning out soil build-up in the facing stonework joints and reinstating large areas of missing stonework caused by tree growth and loss of the stone backfill over the years .  Trees that have grown out of the wall and the earth behind the wall, have been stooled and cut back to allow the stonework to be reinstated around them


The work began  in time to save the wall’s  south west corner. Following removal of the ivy the quoin stones were found literally hanging out, about to drop. These were made safe by propping, allowing the contractor to carefully reinstate them in the structure.


Lower Prendergasr cemetery, no longer in use,  provides a valuable site for wildlife and is being managed by Haverfordwest Town Council  to support biodiversity. Located  conveniently and in a historic setting, Lower Prendergast also provides the community with a public green space for recreational amenity and quiet reflection.


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