A number of Haverfordwest Town Councillors, County Councillors and members from Haverhub and Haverfordwest Business Circle recently visited Abergavenny on a research trip in connection with the view of launching a Destination Market in Haverfordwest town centre in the very near future.  The following report was compiled on their return:

The visit to Abergavenny Market on 22 February 2019 provided another valuable insight into running a long established  market, which is reinventing itself  with a growing offer in the town that includes  craft and vintage markets and evening street food festivals.

In contrast to the monthly street market model in Uplands, this is an example of an indoor market in an iconic building. The Town Hall and Market  Hall  built in the Victorian period houses Abergavenny Town Council as well as the  local Theatre and commercial market.  Presentations given by Monmouthshire County Council’s  Estates and Market service, and the Community Hub officer gave an insightful view of how the traditional market is being added to. We learnt from Monmouthshire CC officers Sandra Rosser, Debra Hills-Howell and Cheryl Haskell what’s involved in sustaining markets held in Abergavenny and the other towns in Monmouthshire- with detailed information on the income generated and revenue created.

Deputy Mayor Tony Konieczny told how a study of the town’s performance, commissioned in recent years, had provided Abergavenny Town Council with a better knowledge how the town was actually performing, set against anecdotal perceptions of decline, at a time when the town’s livestock market had closed and a new Morrisons supermarket was being built there. This has contributed to implementing appropriate initiatives. 

The report also confirmed the increased footfall  associated with Market days.

We also learnt about the plans  for remodelling the listed Town Hall / Market building to improve the Town Council‘s  accommodation and house a new community Hub that will provide up-to-date  services in an iconic listed building.  The project includes a new mezzanine above the market creating flexible space with improved facilities for the Town Council – of particular interest to Haverfordwest Town Council  given that our own Town Council’s future home is under review.

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